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Anhui Wanxiang Electric Equipment Co., Ltd

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  • Main Products:Distribution equipment, switches, transformers, transmission equipment etc
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Anhui Wan Xiang Electric Equipment Co. Ltd. is a regional scale enterprise development, with a focus on the transformer and the high voltage power distribution equipment production, marketing and service, the total area of 120 acres, a total construction area of 30 thousand square meters, the existing staff of more than and 280 people, including engineering and technical staff accounted for 25%. The main production of power transformers, low voltage distribution cabinet, high voltage distribution cabinet, box change and pre installed substation equipment, becoming one of the largest suppliers of electricity. The largest transformer manufacturing capacity reached 63000KVA, the product passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, the "Wan Xiang" brand of transformer in 2009 to obtain "Anhui province quality product" honorary title. Founded in recent years, enterprises in the province and outside the electrical industry to establish a good reputation, has accumulated a wealth of product manufacturing experience and broad customer resources.The company is committed to the development and innovation of power equipment, in recent years the company invested huge amount, the purchase of advanced production and testing equipment, to transform the traditional mode of advanced production equipment, realize the flexible manufacturing process automation. At the same time, relying on the principle of independent innovation and horizontal joint, to build a good platform for scientific and technological innovation, for the enterprise to inject new vitality. Have been with the Shanghai Institute of electric science, Hebei University of Technology, Xi'an High Voltage Electrical Appliance Research Institute, Shenyang Transformer Research Institute, Huazhong University of Science and Technology and other research institutions and universities to establish a long-term cooperation in scientific research. The company's products won 3 patents, 24 utility patents, was awarded the "high-tech enterprise", "national software products", "provincial new products", "transformer industry to protect the credibility of the brand" honorary title. Products are sold all over the country.The company insists on brand strategy, marketing innovation, adhering to the "people-oriented, to Germany for the root, harmony" concept, with the rapid, healthy and sustainable development trend in the electrical industry.Efficiency comes from diligence., honest, sincere mind is Anhui Xiang people; letter is Anhui Xiang people solemnly promise. We will as in the past and around the new and old customers work together to jointly create a social satisfaction, customers benefit, labor and the "win-win" situation.

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